Legacy Schools


The DWF Legacy Schools program is an opportunity for classrooms/schools to lead the movement in awareness of the history and impact of the residential schools system on Indigenous Peoples. Educators will use a Legacy Schools Toolkit and educational support resources to engage students, staff and the school community, and as the catalyst for their commitment to the work of reconciliation.


With ongoing awareness and education, the next step towards reconciliation is action. All Legacy Schools are encouraged to create ReconciliACTIONs. ReconciliACTIONs will be unique to each school, and can incorporate fundraising, cultural activities and, where possible include land-based and “in community” learning. DWF’s aim is to have ReconciliACTIONs culminate during Secret Path Week, October 17-22, 2018, to create a national movement of awareness and understanding.  We encourage everyone to coordinate a fundraising walk in honour of Chanie Wenjack and his journey to return home. DWF will share these inspiring and compelling ReconciliACTIONs on our website and social media, to provide support to schools and inspire all of us to “Do Something.”


This program is contingent upon receipt of funding therefore some aspects of this program may change. Our estimated program launch is September 2018 and estimated reach is 200 classrooms across Canada.


Legacy School Registration


For enquiries regarding Legacy Schools please contact: 

Tina Styres, Education Associate

Email: tina@downiewenjack.ca

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